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Don't Do It! (Start a blog for your business)
Tuesday, August 21, 2007
If you do, you might end up like me -- hardly ever writing it. Then your business takes a hit. If a potential client stops by and notes that you have neglected to post for several months, what does this say about the business owner (myself)?

One of the most important aspects of a business blog is upkeep. Create a realistic upkeep plan and stick to it, even when the Puget Sounds days get short and the sky gets grim. My plan has two components: a committed time for writing per week and issue tracking. The latter is tougher, "What design issues interest me the most and offer insight to a site visitor?"

The other important aspect of a business blog is to write compelling material not industry fluff. But avoid kidding yourself, as I have for the past six months, that it is better to write nothing than to write fluff. Hot topic rehashing can be useful, especially when one is out of ideas for richer themes.
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