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Mother, Daughter & Macintosh
Thursday, January 18, 2007
Being a Mac user since 1984, my brain is trapped in a peculiar pattern: There are Mac users and there is everyone else. It's like having size 5 feet in a nation filled with size 12 shoes. Not only do Mac users walk different (than everyone else), we take different routes too, ones that have pretty flowers to sniff.

As more and more PC users hop onto the Mac path, my peculiar pattern is shifting as well. Just in the last few days, I found myself saying, "Why don't you get a Mac?" Both instances involved working grandparents that had been using PCs for over a decade. One called me in tears. Her new PC crashed then locked her out with a security message. She stuffed the computer in the box and shipped it back to Dell.

She is my mother. And she is now on her way to purchasing her first Mac. Finally, Mom will get to call me up with a question and I'll be able to answer it. But there is more to it than this. She is also a photographer and wants to start editing her images digitally. There is no better platform for this than the Mac.
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