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5 Reasons to Underbrand
Saturday, July 08, 2006
Got a start-up with a great product? Got a good name for your company, one that is easy to say, spell and remember? You're the perfect company to underbrand, here's why:

::1 Early stage companies are usually tight on cash. Don't waste 5-10k of it by hiring a design firm to create a visual brand. You don't need anything but a decent type logo at this stage ($500 bucks max).

::2 Because you are in an early stage, your product may shift focus! Don't get stuck with a high-priced visual brand that may become meaningless one year down the road.

::3 An expensive brand might draw eyeballs, but look around on the Net, it's the product that draws the masses. Consider Friendster from years back, Myspace more recently and a host of other exciting web products. Visual branding of these site was not a high priority. Clearly, this did not hurt them!

::4 Consumers are tired of being tricked by overbranded products that fail to deliver. Consumers TRUST underbranded products more today than ever. The pendulum has indeed shifted. Save yourself time and money by underbranding.

::5 The name of your product far outweighs the value of the visual brand. And no visual brand can help turn a bad name into a good one. Spend your time and money developing a catchy name, one that is easy to say, spell and remember.

In the many years that I have developed brands for online companies, it is only recently that I have begun to say. "You don't need my visual branding services at this time," or "Hire a naming firm to help you choose your name—this will help your brand the most."

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