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No More Little Orange Man
Saturday, May 06, 2006
The Cingular brand is getting tossed into the trashcan. This hits my heart like the loss of Compaq to HP. Brilliant branding work -- gone. Swallowed up by a larger parent company that lacks brand pizzazz and ingenuity.

AT&T recently purchased controlling shares in Cingular. They are sticking to the corporate line: Two brands will confuse customers, the service will simply be called, AT&T Wireless.

Advertising Age reports the irony in full. The previous Cingular parents, SBC and BellSouth, reportedly spent $4 billion to make the little orange man a household name. Now AT&T is going to spend millions to make sure that customers forget it.

Graphic designers need no longer worry about using an "x" as the basis for a brand design.
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