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That Apple Logo Creator Who Got Nothing
Sunday, April 23, 2006
Folks, it's not a myth, or a graphic design urban legend. Pro bono work is pro bono work: it pays nothing. Working on the cheap because you're broke is exactly how it sounds: desperate. While we all do it at times, don't forget Rob Janoff, the guy who created the Apple logo and Carolyn Davidson, the woman who created the Nike swoop: neither got anything for it.* Never sell your creativity short; it does not function like a time clock, a bank account or a love life. Nor can it be measured in any accurate way. Your creativity simply always is and is always growing.

*Carolyn received $35 dollars for designing the Nike logo in 1971. Twelve years later, Nike co-founder and CEO Phil Knight gave Davidson a diamond ring with the swoosh, and Nike stock in an amount that remains a secret. (Hurray Carolyn!)
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